"Recovery organizations across the nation have been showing Lost in Woonsocket to standing room only crowds. This powerful film broadens public understanding of the reality of recovery and inspires all of us to continue organizing, standing up and speaking out."

-Pat Taylor, Executive Director, Faces & Voices of Recovery.

“Positively riveting! Lost in Woonsocket will take you on a roller coaster ride of the entire range of human emotion. NCADD is committed to a partnership with the movie and it's mission to help educate the public about the miracle and spirit of recovery!”

-Robert J. Lindsey, President/CEO, National Council on Alcoholism

I was so moved by Lost in Woonsocket, and by what happens when someone makes a commitment to help a stranger. If your life has been touched by addiction, if you're in a twelve-step group, or if you, too, are moved by watching the best of humanity… then, grab a friend and watch it! You'll be so happy you did!"

-Cheryl Richardson, Best-Selling Author, Coach, Speaker

"Lost in Woonsocket brought close to a thousand viewers together from across Northern Arizona. This inspiring documentary deeply touched the behavioral health professionals, local officials, and many in or seeking their own recovery. This message of hope should be seen by everyone!"

-Dr. Mick Pattinson, CEO, NARBHA
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