“This film is an excellent teaching tool for churches wishing to challenge their understanding of Justice Ministries, Homelessness, and Addiction to Recovery.”
~ Bishop Weaver, United Methodist Church, from UMC Conference 2008, RI

“… examines the rush people get from helping one another, the ceaseless struggle against addiction, and the belief that compassion still exists in modern society. LOST IN WOONSOCKET revealed how small acts of compassion can change lives, maybe yours…”
~ Harold A. Smith, Executive Director of Catholic Charities, MD 

“You wouldn’t believe it unless they actually captured it on film!”
~ Alen Nevile, Crossroads, RI
“The movie is mind blowing powerful!
~ Alen Graham, Mobile Loaves & Fishes, TX
“Authentic! This documentary is an accurate and moving portrayal of alcoholism.
~ Alex Shohet, Founder, 12 Angels Network, CA

Colleges and High Schools:
“I’ve been a part of bringing Lost in Woonsocket to two colleges/universities in the last two years. This film brings a powerful message of hope and change that cannot be ignored. Its realistic portrayal of the strong grip of addiction and the power to make a difference seems to resonate with all who experience it. Every time I’ve viewed the film, it has moved me, it reaffirms my motivation to make a difference.”
~ Josh Walehwa Coe College/Washington University, IA
“A compelling movie with a powerful message. My students were talking about the film for days after they viewed it.”
~ Randall Fenderson, Health Teacher; Fairfax High School, CA
Treatment Centers:
“What a beautiful film! Amazing!”
~ Bernadine Fried, Clinical Director, Wonderland Treatment Facility, CA
“Lost in Woonsocket is an amazing story about human transformation. It demonstrates the power of being of service to a stranger and how it is never too late for anyone to make a change for the better.”
~ Orlando Suarez, Covenant House, Homeless Shelter for Teens, CA
International press:
“Beautifully shot and sensitively told, ‘Lost in Woonsocket’ is an inspirational account of man’s capacity for compassion.”
~ Chris Tilly, TIMEOUT London

24 Responses to “REVIEWS”

  1. Nicole Christos says:

    I had the fantastic privelage of viewing this movie last night in Denver. This is a remarkable tale of a journey into recovery! This movie depicts the trials and tribulations an addict/alcoholic. This was a very tear-jerking movie, yet left me feleing so blessed and inspired! Thanks you so much for coming and sharing this remarkable journey with us! ~Nikki Denver, COlorado

  2. Becky says:

    Amazing movie…. I was talking to some buddies who saw this movie for the first time and it had been a while since I had seen it. I can not believe how much of a impact that Normand has on a person because I could remember everything about the movie. My wish is that my buddies get to meet Normand like I had the opportunity to meet him.

  3. Eva Lemos says:

    I had the opportunity of view a showing of the film in Sacramento CA. It was awesome! I am currently attending college student to be a Alcohol and drug counselor. This film was amazing it touched my heart and inspired me to want to get more involved in helping homeless people as well as people suffering from the disease of alcoholism and drug addiction. Seeing Normand in person made it all more real, thank you for bring this to my community! THIS IS A MUST SEE DON’T MISS THE GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY TO EXPERIENCE THIS FILM!

  4. I had the chance opportunity to attend the showing of the “Lost in Woonsocket” film in Winnemucca, Nevada. And i will be forever grateful that I went. One of my staff members and myself were in Winnemucca from Elko and Sparks, Nevada to do some outreach activities that day and attend a meeting the next day. As we were leaving a building that housed many of the area’s human service agencies we noticed the flyer on the door for a movie and a special guest speaker that evening. So we decided to go. WOW! What a powerful movie and then to hear the continued story of one of the featured people, “Normand” was very moving. Keep up the good work and good luck in your travels. You are sending and spreading an incredible message to all you meet.
    Thank you to the groups that made this showing possible in Winnemucca, mainly the 6th Judicial District Youth and Family Services and all the other agency supporters, and the community members who showed an interest to attend.
    Very impressed in Northern Nevada….
    Lisa Erquiaga, Northern Nevada Center for Independent Living

  5. Jill says:

    I have just reviewed this trailer. Beautiful.

  6. Tim Bixler says:

    We at “Acts of Kindness” thought we were blessed just to have LAFIA do a screening in Newark, OH, Then Barcy and I had a chance to hang out with Normand, just the three of us chilln at AoK we talked until 2:30 in the morning. At the screening the next day I didn’t have the time to really sit still and enjoy the film, and listen to Normand do the QandA afterward. Normand the LAFIA crew are truly inspirational people, and really down to earth. We liked them so much were following them to Pittsburgh. “Can’t wait”
    Tim Bixler
    AoK in Recovery Inc.

  7. Tim Bixler says:

    Just left the screening in Pittsburgh! Normand, Thea, and Tyler left for their next stop in Philly. It’s sad that we had to part ways. Our hope is that they can touch the lives of everyone they meet the way they have touched ours. We feel we have made true friends for life. The time we spent getting to know Normand has given us a new outlook on the future, and reinforced our desire to continue our work helping others. This experience has renewed our faith that “TOGETHER WE CAN” change the world. A message to anyone who may find themselves in the path of these wonderful people.
    You should give yourself a brake and take the time to slow down, sit still, and receive this message of hope! Safe travels family! Hope to see you in the future.
    Tim and Barcy
    AoK in Recovery

  8. derwin davis says:

    I saw this movie in salt lake city,Utah and this is truely an inspiring film project. Normands story is truely a blessing to all those that see it. Thank you for blessing me with this project and I hope to see you all very soon in Shreveport, la.
    Derwin Davis(

  9. stephanie valdez says:

    WOW…..i am currently getting ready to embark on my new sober life. i had the blessing to meet normand and watch the movie. i was completely overwhelmed and grateful to the staff at the arc for setting up this opportunity. i believe the film represents GOD in action, and for it to be true to life and to see the outcome is a true miracle. as i embark on my new life i keep the postcard with me at all times to remind me what sobriety can do for me. thank you normand………i will continue to give away what i have…….

  10. I can’t wait to see this film in it’s entirety. I believe in the power of community helping one another and I’ve learned from experience and watching others that no one heals in isolation. Together, we can make a difference in ourselves and one another. What a great reminder!
    Monnie Furlong

  11. Darlene says:

    Loved the documentary. Please tell me how is Mark doing?

  12. Thea says:

    Hi Darlene, Last we heard Mark is still on the streets in Rhode Island. Occasionally we get emails from locals who have reached out to help him.

  13. Jones, M says:

    Awesome Movie, Does this film have subtitles? or Closed Caption? I am deaf and would need this to show other Deaf/Hard of Hearing people who is in need of help.

  14. Thea says:

    Hi! The film does not have closed captions or a subtitle option, but I can send you the transcript. Email us and we can send it over to you. Hope that helps!

  15. KRISTY TYLER says:

    I saw this movie and met Norman at Wor Wic Community College. All I can say is WOW! This is the best movie ever. It was so touching. Great job everyone and a special thanks to Norman–you taught me alot and are a inspiration to many.

  16. John Winslow says:

    A truly inspiring movie! The Dorchester Recovery Initiative plans to bring LIW to Cambridge, Maryland in the Spring. We believe this film will serve as the catalyst to ignite the passion within our community to support those in (and in need of) recovery. With over 35 years in recovery, your message struck a deep chord within, reinforcing the concept the “we can do together what I cannot do alone! God bless.

  17. Migdalia Vazquez says:

    I haven’t seen the movie, but i met Mark in the streets and something inspired me to help him. Since that day we have frequent conversations and I try to help him as much as I can. I know that this feeling that I have, the need to help him and make things better in his struggles, comes from God Himself. Today, April 27, 2011, I found Mark on Broad St. Providence, RI and I decided to take him to a shelter because it was already late and he missed his bus. On our way there he asked me why I was so nice and insistant in helping him, and I told him that it was because since the day that I met him, I felt God put very deeply in my heart to help him. He then mentioned the movie and asked if I knew about it. Not knowing what he was talking about, i dropped him off the shelter and was on my way. Arriving home I immediately went on the computer searching this supposed movie, and found a truth! And I realized that God does want him to be helped! So please try to do something more to help him. He has been an inspiration to many people through the movie, it’s time he became his own inspiration! I ask the producers and directors of this movie, along with the public to look for him and join me in helping him. Again, he is usually found on Broad St. Providence, RI, from the Crossroads building all the way up to Roger Williams Park (but mostly around the Salvation Army area, across from an art school and a McDonald’s). And even once more…PLEASE HELP HIM!! He deserves it! If any questions, concerns, a desire to see him, or wanting to help, please contact my via e-mail May God bless you forever!

  18. Jo Abney says:

    I recently viewed this film with a small group at the NCAD conference in San Diego. We were all absolutely enthralled with film as the story captured our hearts. When the screening was over, we had the additional surprise of being introduced to Normand. It was one of the most moving experiences I have had in a learning environment. I highly recommend this film to everyone. Thank you to Thea for being such an excellent presenter and to Normand for bringing his recovery to this setting reminding us why we do what we do.

  19. Melissa Wright says:

    Amazing! Beyond words. I had the honor of meeting Normand in Newark, OH before I got to see the movie and both are very motivational! Then I had the honor of rewatching it with my 8 year old son Jamel which allowed us to open the floor for discussion. Priceless! Thank you!

  20. Sheryl says:

    What a great story of hope and humanity! I recently ordered the dvd. Is the soundtrack also available for sale?

  21. Thea says:

    Thanks for the message Sheryl! The soundtrack is not available for sale, but if you email us at We will send you the soundtrack list. We have some amazing artists in this film!

  22. Stacy says:

    Just saw the movie Lost in Woonsocket! This is a real story of addiction! As a member of Al-Anon(a support group based on the the 12-steps)for people who know and love alcoholics,this is a crucial story for the addict as well as friends and families of addicts. We need to understand the hopelessness that an alcoholic or addict feels and how we are completely powerless over their destiny. This is a must for everyone! Thank you to all who were a part of this! May God bless any future endeavors! I know I will use this DVD with people who I meet and know of in my life! Pay it Forward!

  23. I watched Lost in Woonsocket after my husband came back from 30 days at Cumberland Heights in Nashville, TN where he detoxed and started on his 12 step program. As a child of an alcoholic and a wife of an alcoholic, this movie spoke to me in so many ways. It was a very real depiction of addiction, recovery, and relapse for many. I have seen it from all sides in my life. The deep message is, indeed, pay it forward. We take so much for granted in this world. The work that Recovery1 did is purely a humanitarian effort. God bless and may this documentary help many find the path to recovery from addiction.

  24. Arianna says:

    This film is very moving! Although I will be moving soon, I currently live in Woonsocket. I am familiar with the places in the film and I have seen people (even family) go through similar struggles. I noticed that a commenter noted seeing Mark on Broad St in Providence. For four years I also worked in that area. I drove by the area that this person recalled seeing Mark. There are so many homeless people. It’s a challenge to figure out who really needs you the most. Now in 2016, I am sitting here wondering if I have ever encountered Mark. Did I try to help? Why not? There are a lot of stories of people “Lost in Woonsocket” in this city. It is one reason why I am moving. Now I have to think about what would have happen if Random 1 never stuck around to help. If more people were to act with this level of love and care then maybe things here could really change. Amazing story…

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